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At the Last Supper Jesus says:

He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if

you don’t have a sword, sell your Cloak and buy one.”
— Luke 22:36

What does that mean? Jesus always stood for peace and…
You know the Second Amendment is our unalienable right to bear arms that
was granted Americans by the Founding Fathers. However, liberals just spit
on the US. Constitution. So, Hillary Clinton said it’s “worth considering” a
nationwide gun ban and a…
One year ago nine people were killed by a gunman, including the senior
pastor, state senat Remember Victims of Charleston Shooting
6 months into legal open carry in Texas: no problems reported. Democrats,
gunsense zealots, moms, students, professors and store owners told us that
open carry WOULD be a problem, but as it turned out, there wasn't any.

Yes, people are scared of…
Join our AmericaAgainstHillary flashmob! Make a sign with your state - make
Clinton see that we DON'T WANT her! Follow instotus for participation. This is

a community for everyone whose heart is with America. Don't be a stranger,
be a patriot!…
We want to grow and not being shot! Join us!