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You can go to hell or follow @south_lone_star instead! Texas is where you
always want to be! We are Texans and we're not like the rest! Follow us! Lone
Star State Rebels (@south_lone_star) - Instagram photos and videos
Heritage not hate y'all! Our flag has nothing to do with racism! The Federal
Government shouldn’t be able to dictate what we can and cannot do. Go
follow Confederate page #1 on Instagram south united if you are proud of our
southern heritage. God…
America's slowly but surely shifting towards turning into islamic state. Our
president and our government are pro—islamic and don't want America to
believe in our one and only Lord Jesus Christ. Texas will never keep step with

Texas stays…
Border Patrol agents in South Texas arrested an illegal alien from Honduras
that had previously been deported and convicted of Rape Second Degree.

Thanks to Obama's and Hillary's policy, illegals come here because they wait
for amnesty promised. The…