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Bernie for president!
Sometimes it takes just a simple gesture, an act of sharing and giving, simply
because you have more than enough.
Bravo to this selfless Chap, He makes some of us smile with adoration.
Bless this Brother

#melaninqueen #dope #beautiful #wakeup…
If Spotify is looking to create some new jobs a customer service department
able to answer a phone call would be a good place to start. Stranger Things
Spotify Offers Barack Obama A Job As ‘President Of Playlists’
2017-01-102017-01-10 0 Comment If…
Ohh..say no more! Fort Campbell says about 400 soldiers with the 101st
Airborne Division are deploying to Iraq this summer. And the soldiers from the

2nd Brigade Combat Team will deploy as part of an increase in authorized
troop levels in…
We call for disqualification and removal of Hillary Clinton from the presidential
ballot as dynastic succession of the Clinton family in American politics
breaches the core democratic principles laid out by our Founding Fathers.
Sign the petition! We…
It’s strange that all the main stream media you read every day will tells you
that Hillary is an angel and you have no way but vote for her. But the fact still
remains the same. Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and the simple question to the
world and…
We announce a patriotic flash mob in Florida on August, 20! We either win
Florida or lose Florida Goes Trump!
Border Patrol agents in South Texas arrested an illegal alien from Honduras
that had previously been deported and convicted of Rape Second Degree.

Thanks to Obama's and Hillary's policy, illegals come here because they wait
for amnesty promised. The…
Killary Clinton will never understand what it feels like to lose the person you
love for the sake of your country. Honoring the high cost paid by so many
families to protect our freedom. Buy a T-shirt - help a veteran: Veterans USA