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We have many problems in our country at the moment. Healthcare, education
and Veterans are just on the top of the list. But one problem is destroying our
country more than anything else. Illegal aliens affect our economy drastically.
Not only they…
Clear that every presidential candidate must take the position in favor of the
working men and women maintaining such fundamental DOMESTIC
questions as the healthcare system, pension reform and the protection of
labor rights.
Join our AmericaAgainstHillary flashmob! Make a sign with your state - make
Clinton see that we DON'T WANT her! Follow instotus for participation. This is

a community for everyone whose heart is with America. Don't be a stranger,
be a patriot!…
We speak for all fellow members of LGBT community across the nation.
Throughout the history of our nation, there have been many wars. The
soldiers have always carried the burden of death or injury while in battles.
Politicians continually act as if the soldiers are their pawns, and their soldier
pawns are expendable…
Kaepernick Clearing the air and stressing on the fact that he spoke about
Castro’s Free Education/Free Universal Health Care initiations, and that he
did not support his oppressive behavior, just like the false headlines been
saying. Kaepernick…