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We're proud to announce an initiative focused on providing free legal
education to empower our people and strengthen our community.

We believe that having these legal workshops on a monthly basis will prove to
be beneficial in a tangible way for our…
Let's stand united to defend our faith as an army of Jesus! Army Of Jesus
That magic feeling when you rise up and remember that you are strong,
talented and Black.

#PanAfricanism #BlackNationalism #BlackEmpowerment
#AfricanEmpowerment #AfricanAndProud #BlaCkAndProud #BlackPride
#BlackPower #BlackLivesMatter…
At the Last Supper Jesus says:

He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if

you don’t have a sword, sell your Cloak and buy one.”
— Luke 22:36

What does that mean? Jesus always stood for peace and…
Welcome to the future.
I'm very proud of all our Black youth out there making a difference by getting
knowledge. The future is bright and our liberation is certain, just stay woke to

the system and don't get drowned in it's deceit.

"We cannot…
Let's stand united to defend our faith as an army of Jesus! Army Of Jesus
We are honored to be the main and the biggest American Instagram account!
Follow @instotus for the best patriotic imagery and US. latest news
exclusives. This is a community for everyone whose heart is with America.
Don't be a stranger, be a patriot!…
You know the Second Amendment is our unalienable right to bear arms that
was granted Americans by the Founding Fathers. However, liberals just spit
on the US. Constitution. So, Hillary Clinton said it’s “worth considering” a
nationwide gun ban and a…