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Remember folks, dance and music is a large part of our culture. Remember
folks, dance and music is a large part of our culture.
The Justice Department is set to release about 6,000 inmates from federal
prisons in a bid to reduce overcrowding. It is the largest one-time release of
federal prisoners. The Department will release drug offenders who received
harsh sentences over…
Together we can stop them. Join the fight. Follow @COp_b
A demonstration which was held on Tuesday in response to the recent fatal
police shooting of Philando Castile resulted in the arrest of 46 people outside
the governor’s mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota. Another arrest was carried
out the following day,…
Indiana jury awarded the man a $1 compensation following a mistaken
identity case, whereby cops entered his home without warrant and unlawfully
arrested him. Back in July 7, 2012, Indiana police came into the home of an
18-year-old high school…
25 years for rape, murder, and burglary for a man who didn’t commit any of

those crimes. Philadelphia is a place poisoned by police misconduct for so
many years. That is the reason why they didn’t immediately release an

innocent man even after it…
The law is the law. If I commit a crime, I will get ticketed or arrested. Why do
illegal aliens break the law, but our government harbors them? Illegals have
more benefits than those who shed their blood for America and our freedom.
It makes me…
Event in loving memory of Terrance Kellom killed in front of his family by the
ICE officer Mitchell Quinn. On April 28th, Terrance Kellom was fatally shot by
police in front of his father at their home on Evergreen. No Charges were filed