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We're proud to announce an initiative focused on providing free legal
education to empower our people and strengthen our community.

We believe that having these legal workshops on a monthly basis will prove to
be beneficial in a tangible way for our…
"There are always roadblocks, obstacles and Challenges and you have to find
other ways to reach your goal. That's what makes it interesting." Boris Kodjoe
Success stories Boris Kodjoe: More Than Actor 2017-01-192017-01-19 0
Comment Boris Kodjoe,…
Black Millenials are driving social Change and leading digital advancement.
News Much Ado About Black Millenials 2017-01-092017-01-09 0 Comment
Black Millenials Black Millenials are driving social Change and leading digital
advancement. The big…
I agree that this Black heroine had an early start as a mother, yet, she and her
son never gave up notwithstanding their condition. Be motivated and go out
and get what you want. You have the magic!

#PanAfricanism #BlackNationalism…
One question that always got me worried is, do we in one way or the other
stand a Chance of protecting our people with Black people in Charge of

Whatever the system has got on Black people, i hope these 8 black women,
who were elected as…
Welcome to the future.
I'm very proud of all our Black youth out there making a difference by getting
knowledge. The future is bright and our liberation is certain, just stay woke to

the system and don't get drowned in it's deceit.

"We cannot…
The safety, freedom, and dignity of all people must be safeguarded. Terrorism
and anti-Mus Safe Space for Muslim Neighborhood
We Muslims of the United States are subject to Islamophobia from the media