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Let's stand united to defend our faith as an army of Jesus! Army Of Jesus
Let's stand united to defend our faith as an army of Jesus! Army Of Jesus
Ohh..say no more! Fort Campbell says about 400 soldiers with the 101st
Airborne Division are deploying to Iraq this summer. And the soldiers from the

2nd Brigade Combat Team will deploy as part of an increase in authorized
troop levels in…
Think of all little boys and girls who can lose or have already lost their
fathers... God bless our troops! We are forever grateful! Home of the Brave.
Support our Veterans! Please, repost it you like and don't forget to tag me!
Follow the link.…
THANK YOU to all those who risked their life for the sake of our country! Click
Learn More! Baltimore News Balt
We won't tolerate removing general Robert E.Lee from Lee Circle! On this
Saturday, Jan 23, at 3:00 pm at Lee Circle, New Orleans, Louisiana. Come

and defend him! Like he defend the south! Click Learn More! South United On
He's lucky to return home to reunite with his family for the holidays. But he's
just one of a few servicemen to do this. For many of our brave troops
stationed abroad and far from their loved ones. Our brave servicemen and
servicewomen will continue…
There are some people who will always support you! And unfortunately, the
VA is not on the list. There are numerous examples of disgusting treatment of
our Veterans by the VA employees. And there is little Chance the situation will
Change in the near…
Today is a good day to honor our Navy forces. 72 years ago our ships took
part in operation “overlord”, landing our forces in Europe. We can’t say we
have brilliant commandership now, but our soldiers are as brave as our
grandfathers were.

What do you know about PTSD? Do you know that US Military deaths since
1999 count 6,904, while veterans suicides since 1999 account for 128,480?
We'are losing 18 times more warriors in Civilian life than on the battlefields!
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