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Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is very popular, but people aren't sure about
his sincerity... Celebro DudeTube The Truth About Jimmy Fallon
2017-01-102017-01-10 0 Comment Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is very
popular, but people aren't sure about…
Black people must help one another. Only united we win and always divided
we fall. But there are some Blacks who think that serving whites is more
profitable for them than helping their black brothers. So, Sheriff Clarke is one
of that…
Videoblog about racism and black social issues!
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There're a lot of racial discrimination going on in America these days. Can

you imagine that a group of armed men took over a federal property and have

vowed to kill if they are forced to leave there unless the government Change
the law in their…
President Barack Obama signed a bill Friday eliminating the offensive and
outdated descriptors, after the legislation passed unanimously in the House
and Senate earlier this month. Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) sponsored the bill,
which aimed to…
This short video shows the bloody scuffle that took place during the forceful
arrest of a homeless man Terre Johnson.

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Full story: http://goo.g
The video is Circulating across the internet allegedly depicting a white NYPD
officer raping a black 15-year-old girl in a jail cell. According to some sources,
the incident took place in South Africa. However, there are some crucial
points that are…
There is a disgusting video Circulating on the internet which shows an

unidentified white cop rape a helpless Black teen. Shameless White Cop
Rapes Black Teen