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"There are always roadblocks, obstacles and Challenges and you have to find
other ways to reach your goal. That's what makes it interesting." Boris Kodjoe
Success stories Boris Kodjoe: More Than Actor 2017-01-192017-01-19 0
Comment Boris Kodjoe,…
Black Millenials are driving social Change and leading digital advancement.
News Much Ado About Black Millenials 2017-01-092017-01-09 0 Comment
Black Millenials Black Millenials are driving social Change and leading digital
advancement. The big…
One question that always got me worried is, do we in one way or the other
stand a Chance of protecting our people with Black people in Charge of

Whatever the system has got on Black people, i hope these 8 black women,
who were elected as…
Meet this young proud Black teen. He is Tony Hansberry. At age 14 he
invented a new surgical technique that lowers risks after women undergo

The technique is called the "Hansberry stitch".

I'm proud to be Black anytime i see these…
Two years have passed since August 11, 2014, the date, when 25-year-old
Ezell Ford was mur Justice For Ezell Ford and Donnell Thompson
Event in loving memory of Terrance Kellom killed in front of his family by the
ICE officer Mitchell Quinn. On April 28th, Terrance Kellom was fatally shot by
police in front of his father at their home on Evergreen. No Charges were filed
We're black and We're proud of it! Join to understand how beautiful we are!
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Click to Learn More! In the 17305, a seven-year—old English girl was washed
up on the shores of West Africa and was adopted by her rescuers. She
became the wife of a Prince and started a dynasty that extends into many of
today's Xhosa royal families.…