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  • Interest is exactly "Libertarianism"
Bernie for president!
Ohh..say no more! Fort Campbell says about 400 soldiers with the 101st
Airborne Division are deploying to Iraq this summer. And the soldiers from the

2nd Brigade Combat Team will deploy as part of an increase in authorized
troop levels in…
In spite of the prevailing stereotypes about who uses SNAP Food Stamp
benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton,
Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago”
8 August, 1974 Republican President Richard M. Nixon resigned. With
impeachment proceedings underway against him for his involvement in the
Watergate affair, Nixon was finally bowing to pressure from the public and
Congress to leave the White…
Thank you Sister Chittister. Pro-Iifers are NOT pro-Iife, they are bombastic
religionists who are more than prepared to watch Children starve. They ARE
prepared to murder the doctors that perform abortions - do these doctors not
have LIFE? If they…
New ideas, old values. Like us!
UC Davis paid $175,000 or more to scrub police pepper spray incident from
web searches—scr.htm
Clear that every presidential candidate must take the position in favor of the
working men and women maintaining such fundamental DOMESTIC
questions as the healthcare system, pension reform and the protection of
labor rights.
They just blame everybody for laziness and responses to cruelty. We just
protect our freedom and act for everybody's rights
What future do you want for your Children? Government should focus
additional funds on existing public schools, raising teacher salaries and
reducing Class size!