A demonstration which was held on Tuesda…


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A demonstration which was held on Tuesda…


A demonstration which was held on Tuesday in response to the recent fatal
police shooting of Philando Castile resulted in the arrest of 46 people outside
the governor’s mansion in St. Paul, Minnesota. Another arrest was carried
out the following day, during the morning hours where 23 protesters were
arrested and Charged with public nuisance and unlawful assembly. Since July
7, the day after which Castile was fatally shot to death, sympathizers have
been embarking on demonstration outside the governor’s home but police
officers are asking the protesters out of the premises because they are
blocking the streets. This request seemed not successful, therefore the
protesters stood against the officers. According to the governor, the protestors
are welcomed to stay because he had no problem with them being there.
Even though the street was Cleared few days after July 18, some protesters
have returned to the premises to continue the demonstration.

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