Every day, we are bombarded by stories: in books, on the news, in music, on websites, in stores, while visiting museums, etc. So pervasive are stories that we often become desensitized to them. Yet, stories are carefully constructed to communicate messages that rely on particular goals and are expressed in specific forms. “Digital Storytelling” explores narratives as they are designed, produced, and consumed in digital forms. What are the elements of a story? How do digital spaces function similarly/differently from non-digital spaces when looking at narrative? How does the platform a story is produced on or in open and close the way you understand it? What are the tools you can use to write and visualize narrative in digital form? And finally, what does it mean to “tell stories” when digital forms and technologies are constantly changing? Students will have the opportunity to explore digital technologies, create and produce narratives, and analyze stories in digital forms. Games, digital exhibits/digital history, websites, and digital mapping will all be explored and will serve as the primary areas of inquiry for this project-driven course.