Week 4 (Sept. 20)

Instructor: Jim Smith

Topic: Playing Narrative within Games

How do the affordances of a game interface affect the narrative we experience when playing a game?



In-class Assignment: Break into groups and design a computer game that has components addressing each of the four “moments” described by Galloway and the four player types described by Bartle.

Post-class Assignment (due 8:00 AM EST on 9/25/2012):

  • Play a game of your choice, text or graphical, single player or multiplayer, and write a 250-500 word narrative from your character’s perspective.
  • Grade yourself: send Jen Guiliano a message in ELMS with your responses to the questions about your story from the week 2 story rubric. Include a link to your blog entry and make sure the message indicates that it is in response to this assignment.

Some possible games (but you’re free to use any computer-powered game that let’s you control a character in the game):

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