Week 1 (Aug. 30)

Instructors: All (Jen, Jim, Amanda, Porter)

Topics: Introduction to the course, constructing an avatar, your first WordPress post, and arriving in Second Life

Pre-class Reading:

  • None!

Post-class Assignment (due by 4:00pm EST on 9/29/2012):

  1. Finish constructing your avatar and add this to your WordPress profile (Dashboard > Profile and upload your image).
  2. Finish and publish to the course blog (Dashboard > Posts > Add New) your post introducing yourself, your reasons for constructing your avatar as you did (what persona does it project? could you see someone interpreting it in a different way?), and what you’re looking forward to in the class. You might also mention any digital skills you might bring to the course.
  3. Complete the reading for next week’s class (this won’t be listed on your post-class assignments after this day; in the future, you’ll need to both complete assignments and look ahead to next week’s page to do the pre-class readings for that day)

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