Upon reaching the final week of my project, and finalizing the last few portions, I am now able to reflect on the entire process of creating my capstone project. I feel that I came very close to meeting my project goals, and while I wasn’t quite able to create the 100% interactive environment that I had envisioned, I have created an interactive piece of literature where the user can drive the story themselves, which was the initial broad statement that I gave as a goal of my intended product. I feel that one of the strongest aspects of my project is the writing. I consider myself a capable writer, and upon reflection I think that my piece of literature is well-written and engaging. One of the weaker points of my capstone journey would have been my time management and learning to code. I spent far longer than I wanted to learning Ruby (which I ended up not using), as once I discovered a more approachable language, I only had around 3 weeks to learn the new programming language (Inform 7), and to turn my story into e-literature via that platform. If given another chance to do this project, I definitely would have decided right from the beginning what language would work best by doing more extensive research, and not just taking advice from computer science majors about which one to use, as I had done for this project. In retrospect, that was a fairly major error and one that I would not repeat. The project definitely taught me some basic aspects of computer programming, which I had really hoped that I would be learning through DCC. Overall, while my project did not come out in the exact way I had planned it, I am more than satisfied with my product and can say that I honestly view any mistakes or failures on my part as learning experiences.


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