10%     Timeline & grading rubric

20%     Finalized Proposal Revision
(w/ annotated bibliography & publicity campaign )

15%     Presentations

10%     Production “Book”

25%     Final Project w/self assessment

20%     Participation
(including in-class reading responses & group feedback)

Expectations for participation include having read  all of the day’s pertinent required readings prior to their assigned due date, active and thoughtful engagement during discussion and with your peers in class.  Attendance alone does not guarantee an A in class participation.

You final project will be self-graded. You will come up with a rubric of 10 items related to capstone goals set for yourself throughout the semester. This rubric will be due toward the beginning of the semester (Feb 20) and will be further discussed in class.


Late Work

No late work will be accepted. Each assignment is due prior to the beginning of class on the date indicated.


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