Grading Policy: As this course is a research practicum, all assignments are designed to contribute to your final project. The assignments will be as follows:

  •             Finalized Proposal Revision with Workplan: 25 points
  •             Weekly Work plan Updating: 50 points
  •             Permissions and Copyright Assessment: 25 points
  •             Annotated Bibliography: 25 points
  •             Publicity Campaign: 25 points
  •             Presentations: 25 points
  •             Evaluation of other’s Presentations: (cancelled)
  •             Final Workplan Report/Criticism Updates: 20 points
  •             Final Project: 100 points
  •             Group Discussion Leading: 15 points
  •             Participation: 15 points

Expectations for participation include having read all of the day’s pertinent required readings prior to their assigned due date, active and thoughtful engagement during discussion, and quality engagement with others in class and on the course website. Attendance alone does not guarantee an A in class participation.

The Group Discussion Groups are:

Group 1: Richard, Adeola, Joel, Edward

Group 2: Kristen, Rebecca, Joshua, Benjy

Group 3: Dan, Emil, Ryan, Kelsey, Jason

Group 4: Caitlin, Caleb, Jake, Justin

Late Assignments: All assignments are due by the time and date noted on the syllabus. Late assignments will be docked one full letter grade per 24 hours up to three days late (A to D). Assignments will not be accepted more than 72 hours late unless there is a legitimate excuse as noted under the absence policy. If you know you will be late in turning an assignment in or absent on the day the assignment will take place, you are expected to turn that assignment in prior to your absence to receive full credit. Lack of access to, or technical difficulties with, computers are unacceptable excuses for late or missed assignments.

Grade Protest Policy: To ask the instructor to consider a grade change, the procedure is as follows: Within one week of the hand-back date the student must provide in writing to Dr. Guiliano a detailed description of the complaint including why the grade is considered insufficient. The student will then schedule a specific individual meeting with the instructor to discuss the grade. Grades will not be discussed prior to or following any class, nor will they be discussed during office hours without prior notice to the instructors. If there is a question about improving one’s grade or the grading metrics used, then the student is encouraged to make an appointment during office hours.


The Final Project will be graded as follows:

Quality of project based on ability?


Does this project address an appropriate audience?

Incorporates research?

What sort of adoption has the project had/might it have?

How has the project evolved over the course of the semester?

Was the project scoped feasibly? Did you follow through in working on components the project?

Did you complete and deliver a final, polished project?

Did you adequately document your project and its results?

What learning outcome did this project have for you as the student but also for the audience?


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