Syllabus Subject to Change:
This syllabus is subject to change; any changes will be sent out to your university email address, announced in class, and posted to our course website.

Course Readings are available here.

Week 1: January 28
Introduction to the Class and its Goals
Formulating Disciplinary Questions Lecture

Assignment for Next Week:
Reading: Booth, The Craft of Research, Part III, 3.0-4.4 (pgs. 40-71)
Fitzpatrick, Planned Obsolescence, CommentPress (pgs. 109-120)

Week 2: February 4
Best Practice Principles of Design & Concrete Products
5:30-6 pm Discussion (Group 1 leads)

Assignment for Next Week:
Reading: Cohen, Doing Digital History, “Owning the Past?”(pgs 189-219)

Week 3: February 11
Completing your Environmental Scan & Copyright,Attributions, Permissions

5:30-6 pm Discussion (Group 2 leads)

Group2.Owning the Past.Presentation

Assignment for Next Week:
Reading: Knott, “A Guide to Writing an Annotated Bibliography”

Week 4: February 18
Building your Workplan
Designing your Publicity Campaign
5:30-6 pm Discussion (Group 3 leads)

Assignment for Next Week:
Reading: Manovich, “The Practive of Everyday Media Life” (2008) and
“Interaction as an Aesthetic Event” (2007)

Week 5: February 25
Designing for Inclusion and Visual Aesthetics
Discussion (Group 4 leads)
visit prior to class

Beginning in Week 6, the class will split into 2 groups. Each group will receive an hour of individual discussion and lab time. Group A will meet from 4-5 pm and Group B will meet from 5-6 pm. Students will be assigned a group based on the type of project that they will be working on.

Week 6: March 4
InClass Lab: Fall Proposal Revision including Workplan creation
Assignment Due Sunday March 10: Finalized Proposal Revision with Workplan

Bring a digital version of your proposal with you as well as either your laptop or iPad.

Workplan Template

Proposal Template

Please make a copy of each of the templates for your own use. You should share these copies with Jennifer as your submission.

Week 7: March 11
InClass Lab: Source Assessment, Permissions, and Copyright
Assignment due Friday March 15: Permissions and Copyright Assessment

DCC Copyright Release Template

Please make a copy of each of the templates for your own use. You should share these copies with Jennifer as your submission.

Week 8: March 25
InClass Lab: Annotated Bibliography
Assignment Due Sunday March 31: Annotated Bibliography

Week 9: April 1
InClass Lab: Designing your publicity/marketing campaign
Assignment Due Sunday April 7: Publicity Campaign Proposal

Week 10: April 8
InClass Lab: Public Presentations of your Semi-Final Project

Week 11: April 15

Class cancelled due to illness.
Assignment due Sunday April 21: Final Workplan update and Reporting on the
changes you made to your project (1-2 paragraphs on the changes you’ve made to your project since the course started.)

Week 12: April 22
InClass Lab: Finalizing your Project

Week 13: April 29
InClass Lab: Finalizing your Project
Assignment due May 5: Self-Assessment

Questions to answer:

Did I reach my project goals?

What did I do well?

What didn’t I do well?

If I had to do it again, I should have?

This project taught me?

This project might be used again by…for?

Week 14: May 6
InClass Lab: Packaging your Project

All groups meet at 4 pm.



Final Project Due: Thursday May 9th by noon
Capstone Event:

Thursday, May 9th
Anne Arundel Basement and Queen Annes Hall
Light refreshments will be served
Presentation times:
630-645 pm
Justin Kanga- Andrew Rodgers-Schatz
Jake Federkill- Caleb Journot
645-7 pm
7-715 pm
Ed + Joel
Dan + Ryan
715-730 pm
730-745 pm
Kristen + Rebecca
 Jake +Caleb
745-8 pm
Ed +Joel
8-815 pm
Ryan +Dan
815-830 pm
Kristen +Rebecca

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