Attached is my updated capstone workplan 

As far as my project has gone, I have had to make a few changes regarding the scope and volume of work undertaken so as to save myself from putting out a shoddy product. My original vision for my project was a fully interactive virtual town that the reader could explore with a narrative to be discovered as they progressed through the area. Unfortunately, as I worked further through my project, I realized that I had set a goal that was a little too ambitious and altered my project to compensate. I decided to turn my e-literature into more of a “choose-your-own-story” format, which cut down on some of the mechanics that I would have to code, make the story a little more direct and understandable, and give me a slightly more manageable workload. Other than that, I feel that my project has stayed very close to its original vision and idea, and I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made thusfar.


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