Part I: Research 

Week 1 (Jan 23): Course introductions

Week 2  (Jan 30): Formulating and refining your research question

Reading: Booth, The Craft of Research, Part III, 3.0-4.4 (pgs. 40-71)

DUE: Formulate a project summary draft utilizing 3 steps from reading (name, add a question and motivate question – pgs. 49-51.) This must be e-mailed by the beginning of class. You will present them in discussion.

Week 3 (Feb 6) : Creative Research Methodologies and Design Thinking

1) Gregory C. Stanczak, Visual Research Methods, “Intro: Images, Methodologies, & Generating Social Knowledge” (1-13)
2) Tim Brown and  Jocelyn Wyatt, “Design Thinking for Social Innovation”

Week 4 (Feb 13): Best Practices and Values in Design

1) Lessig, Free Culture, “Creators” and “Mere Copyists” (pgs. 21- 47)
2) Optional: Cohen, Doing Digital History, “Owning the Past?”(pgs 189-219)

Paul “DJ Spooky” Miller (first 14’20”):

PLEASE NOTE: This week marks the point in the semester where we move more specifically into working labs and individual meetings. For Weeks 6, 8, and Week 13 the class will split into 2 groups. Each group will receive 50 minutes of individual discussion and lab/workshop time. Group A will meet from 3:30-4:20 pm and Group B will meet from 4:25-5:15 pm. Students will be assigned a group based on the type of project that they will be working on. Please respect your peers and be prompt!


Part II:  Building, Design and Creation

Week 5 (Feb 20): Individual Meetings

DUE: Project Timeline & Grading Rubric

Week 6 (Feb  27): Working Lab / Writing

Reading: Knott, “A Guide to Writing an Annotated Bibliography”

Week 7 (March 6): The Library and Research Methodologies

NOTE: we will all meet at McKeldin Library, 6th floor, room 6103

Week 8 (March 13): Working Lab / Design

Reading: Manovich, “Information as an Aesthetic Event” (2007)


March 20 — No class/Spring Break


Week 9 (March 27):  Individual Meetings

DUE: Finalized Proposal Revision (with Annotated Bibliography and Publicity Campaign Proposal)
DUE: Production “book”

Week 10 (April 3): Individual Meetings


Part III: Presentation and the Public

Week 11 (April 10): Public Presentations of Semi-final Project

Week 12 (April 17): Public Presentations of Semi-final Project

Week 13 (April 24): Working Lab / Presenting

Week 14 (May 1): Individual Meetings

I will be available during class for any final feedback, troubleshooting or questions. This is optional based upon individual project needs. You may also choose to take class time and work on your own or with your group.

DUE: Production “book”

Week 15 (May 8): Final Class

DUE: Final Project and Written Self-Assessment

Capstone Event: Thursday May 9th!


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