TILE 1.0 Release

We’ve officially released version 1.0 of TILE. Here are the release notes since 0.9:

Release Notes for TILE 1.0


  • Interface added for tagging and annotating manuscript images (Image Annotation)
  • Interface added for automatically tagging lines using basic image analysis tools (Auto Line Recognizer)
  • Dialog tools for loading and saving data
  • Support for TEI P5 formatted XML data
  • Support for XML data using Alto metadata scheme
  • Improved visuals for attaching metadata to transcript lines
  • Fixed label attachment bugs
  • Improvements to the Auto Line Recognizer (ALR)
  • Improved workflow and accuracy using gray-image detection for ALR
  • New documentation for the TILE User Guide

Library Updates

  • jQuery 1.6.2 update


  • ALR instructions made to be clearer
  • Changed version message area

For Developers


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