What is TILE?

What is TILE?

The Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE) is a web-based, modular, collaborative image markup tool for both manual and semi-automated linking between encoded text and images.

What does that mean?  Simply put, TILE lets users make connections between regions of an image and text. It is also designed for easy modification through a plugin infrastructure.

The most recent stable version can be found at mith.umd.edu/tile/sandbox.

The code can be downloaded at https://github.com/umd-mith/TILE/archives/v1.0, and local installation help is located here.

TILE Forums

If you can’t find the information you need in this documentation, need help troubleshooting, or have a bug or other frustration to report, you can find community support on the TILE Forums: mith.umd.edu/tile/forums/.

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