The Highlighter tool allows you to select a section of the transcript – either a subsection of a transcript line, or a section that spans one or more transcript lines. This is tightly integrated with the use of labels – a highlight only persists if it has a label attached to it.

Here’s how to use the highlighter:

  1. Navigate to a page with transcript lines.
  2. Click the highlighter tool button button on the Transcript Area toolbar.
  3. Select the desired text in the transcript lines.
  4. A box will appear titled “Attach Metadata to Object.”
  5. Type the desired label into the text box. Suggestions of existing labels that match will appear as you type.
  6. IMPORTANT:Highlights will only persist if they have an attached label.
  7. To add multiple labels, click the plus sign to the right of the text box. Each time it is clicked a new text field will be added for another label (up to five).
  8. To remove label fields, click the minus sign.  The last field added will be removed each time the minus sign is clicked.
  9. Once the desired labels are entered, click the “Apply” button to attach the labels to the highlighted section.
  10. The selected text will be highlighted with a background color.  The default color is yellow.
  11. In the “Attach Metadata” dialog, click on the button next to “Change Object Color” and a color picker will open.
  12. Pick a new color and the highlight color will change.
  13. When you are finished creating the highlights, click on the transcript tool button button to return to the transcript mode.

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