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White is not right! Why do you think that Santa is white?
Nobody knows the color of his skin, nobody has ever seen him, but white
supremacists go crazy if they see a black Santa.
That’s always making me laugh.
I would advice white racists to love…
Hillary Clinton is a traitor! Hillary Clinton is a liar! Hillary Clinton is insane! I
know that many black people support this old dirty bitch. I don’t know why
they do this, still it’s their personal choice and we are a free country yet. But,
We have to learn to support each other and be happy about our people's
success. Sometimes it's hard but it's the important part of growing.
Do you celebrate your brothers and sisters success?
Every black man, who has ever been at war for this country is a hero.
But the reality is really strange and unjust.
If the hero is black he will never be recognized as a hero who did a lot for his
country and his people.

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No justice, no peace!

These words must be remembered as long as we live in a racist police

We must never give up and keep on fighting for the freedom and justice.
We are black and we are proud to be black.

We are not going to…