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  • Interest is exactly "Bernie Sanders"
We call for disqualification and removal of Hillary Clinton from the presidential
ballot as dynastic succession of the Clinton family in American politics
breaches the core democratic principles laid out by our Founding Fathers.
Sign the petition! We…
"If you ask me about the Clinton Foundation, do l have a problem when a
sitting secretary of state and a foundation run by her husband collects many
millions of dollars from foreign governments, many governments which are

dictatorships... yeah,…
UC Davis paid $175,000 or more to scrub police pepper spray incident from
web searches—scr.htm
Exactly. And, I also mind that you use some of your vast wealth to elect
politicians who will pass laws to allow you to avoid paying your fair share of
Bernie for president!
New ideas, old values. Like us!
Westboro baptist church is planning to stand against tolerance in education
system near LG God H85 Bigots Rally
Well, as you know, schools are places of learning and also miniature
societies. The school Climate has a direct impact on both how well students
learn and how well they interact with other people. More and more teachers
today understand the…