Folger Visit Photos

I got a couple requests to put my pictures from last night up on the blog, and I figured I’d share the non-collaged originals:



image-52 image-53 image-55

(Those of us trekking to the metro from the Hawk & Dove were at least pleased to pass by the scenic Capitol on our way!)

What an awesome hands-on visit to the Folger–thanks to all who played a role in organizing it!

2 thoughts on “Folger Visit Photos

  1. Jim Kuhn has sent me some caption information:

    1. Two 1611 Shakespeare “third quarto” editions of Hamlet:

    · Bibliographic record describing STC 22277 Copy 1 and 2:

    · Full digital image sets for copy 1: and for copy 2:

    · We compared page C1r in both copies where a close eye would notice a stop-press correction in the next-to-last work in line two. Here’s a visual side-by-side collation of the two in our own digital image database:

    · And here’s the Shakespeare Quartos Archive TEI for copy 1: and for copy 2:

    2. Carter Hailey’s “Comet” collator:

    · A bit about collating, and about the Comet and the Hinman collators can be found in the inaugural post of the Folger blog:

    · Some may also be interested in Carter Hailey’s work (he’s the inventor of the Comet) on the paper used for printing Shakespeare’s quartos:

    3. The 39 articles, and their early published collation:

    · Bib records for two 16c. editions of the Articles: and

    · An accession record for the 1715 published collation by Thomas Bennet:

    4. An early English printer’s manual, by Moxon:

    · Bib record:

    · Selected reproductions of plates from this copy:

    · Other book history image sets can be found here: Look for media groups whose names start with “book history.”

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