Fieldwork Schedule

Here are some examples of Fieldwork opportunities (read more about the reasoning behind Fieldwork on the Requirements page). In brief, you are responsible for keeping a tally of your own Fieldwork activities, to be submitted to me at the end of the semester. You must accumulate 10 points in order to receive full credit. If you have an idea for a Fieldwork opportunity that is not described below just ask!

  • Have an substantial conversation with someone who identifies as a DH practitioner about their work (1 pt)
  • Attend a relevant campus talk, including MITH Digital Dialogues (2 pts)
  • Attend a DCHDC meet-up or another organized social event involving DH people (2 pts)
  • Attend a relevant talk elsewhere around town (3 pts)
  • Visit another DH center, or a library, museum, or archive doing DH work (3 pts)
  • Attend a conference with numerous DH-related sessions, half-a-day or more (4 pts)

Walking Tour of the City Walls, Southampton

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