Title: Libraries: In Three Fold


Thesis: For my project, I am researching public libraries in the metropolitan area because I want to find out how their volumes, technological and paper, varies within libraries and their placement throughout the region, in order to help my reader understand the disparity between them. I will be using photographs and quantitative values to do so.


Format: My project will be in the form of a visual aid accompanied by statistics and factual evidence about each of the chosen libraries. I will be making a series of triptychs and displaying them on a website. On each one of the panels, I will show three views. The first view will be of the Library from outside, the second view will be of the lobby area, and the third will be of the library’s computer lab.


In order to make my project more interactive, I will leave the series of triptychs unlabeled to allow the readers to question in what district are each of the libraries located. Also, I will have some statistics about the libraries that I will acquire through surveying the librarians at each library. If I cannot acquire the data through survey I will research the library’s website for more information.


Description of Project: For this project, I wanted to show the disparity of public libraries between different county lines. I wanted to highlight the best libraries in the area as well as the distribution of funding within and outside of certain districts. In order to do so, I was going to go on a creative route and use photography. I am going to use a series of trypdytcs that will show three pictures, side by side, representing a single library. I wanted the viewer to determine where the library and what district they are found in. data in the form of photographs and compare it to the quantitative data that I have found. In order to do this project, I will have to travel around the greater Washington DC metropolitan Area and visit these libraries. While at these libraries, I will have to take a few photographs at each site. I will be traveling by car and I will be taking the photographs with my canon dslr.


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