January 23: Origin Stories

Because this is our first class, its structure is atypical. We will cover the following topics in sequence. A more representative structure appears as of January 30.

  • Exercise: Our DH (Stickies)
  • Two Digital Humanities Origin Stories (MGK)
  • Introductions (all)
  • How This Works: Objectives, Requirements, Evaluation (MGK)
  • Twitter sign-ups (group activity)
  • Guest: Dr. Kari Kraus (on the English department’s Digital Humanities Colloquium)
  • Next Week’s Class (Readings and Exercise)


Images: Father Roberto Busa, SJ (left) with an IBM mainframe, and a sample of one of the love letter’s generated by Christopher Strachey’s program for the Manchester Mark I (right).

27 thoughts on “January 23: Origin Stories

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