February 13: How To Read A Million Books ++


Presentation: Dan


  • First, try out Google’s NGram Viewer. Pick two or more  words whose relationship to one another over time you want to measure in the Google Books corpus. For example, “digital” and “humanities.”
  • Next try to explain and define digital humanities using the Up-Goer Five Text Editor. Keep at it until you have an explanation that is informative and passes the test; record your final phrasing.
  • Next, create a blog post using the “Exercises” category. Working with the same text you selected for last week’s assignment, do each of the following:
    • Create a word cloud using Wordle and WordItOut. Do you get the same result?
    • Take the words that are your output from either of the preceding and paste them into the Up-Goer Five Text Editor. What happens?
    • Take the words that are your output from either of the preceding and paste them into the CLAWS Part-of-Speech tagger. What do you find?
    • Next visit TAPoR, the Text Analysis Portal for Research. This is a very rich set of tools and resources which we will only scratch the service of. Start by viewing the same text you selected for last week’s assignment in HyperPo, the “interactive concordance” available from the front page (see “Try It”). If you have trouble getting your text into HyperPo, you may use one of the pre-selected options. Learn your way around HyperPo. What are its capabilities? What do you think it means for the tool to “see through your text”? (Note: If you have trouble with HyperPo on TAPoR, you can try its sibling Voyant instead.)
    • Finally, based on your experiences with the preceding tools, briefly engage Ramsay’s contention that, “the effect is not the immediate apprehension of knowledge, but instead what the Russian Formalists called ostranenie—the estrangement and defamiliarization of textuality” (3).

This is a graded exercise.


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