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Monday, June 22nd
Excursion: Trip to National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Washington International Airport (10:00, pick up from Holiday Inn; 10:10 pick up from Hampton Inn; 10:20 pick up from Comfort Inn; 10:30 pick up from Stamp Student Union and depart for museum)

Registration, Colony Ballroom

Plenary Talk by Lev Manovich, Hoff Auditorium

Opening Reception, Atrium

Tuesday, June 23rd

7:00am-4:00pm, Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room
Preserving Virtual Worlds: Models & Community
Jerome McDonough, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Doug Reside, Neil Fraistat, Kari Kraus, Rachel Donahue, Dennis Jerz, Henry Lowood, Megan Winget

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: John Nerbonne
PCA, Delta, JGAAP and Polish Poetry of the 16th and the 17th Centuries: Who Wrote the Dirty Stuff?
Maciej Eder, Jan Rybicki

Testing Authorship in the Personal Writing of Joseph Smith Using NSC Classification
Matthew Jockers

Cross-Linguistic Transference of Authorship Attribution, or why English-Only Prototypes are Acceptable
Patrick Juola

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Chuck Bush
Animating the Knowledge Radio
Geoffrey Rockwell, Stéfan Sinclair

Text analysis of large corpora using High Throughput Computing
Tobias Blanke, Gerhard Brey, Mark Hedges, Richard Palmer

Appropriate Use Case Modeling of Historical Texts: a Software Engineering Perspective
Aja Teehan, John G. Keating

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Jon Saklofske
Science Fiction in the Lives of Scientists and Engineers
Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Thomas Clay Templeton

Interactive Visual Analysis of Personal Names in Japanese Historical Diary
Alejandro Toledo, Ruck Thawonmas, Akira Maeda, Fuminori Kimura

DefineMe – Chimera: A Cognitive and Computational Approach to Critical Digital Identity Representation in Social Networking Applications
D. Fox Harrell, Daniel Upton, Richard Shemaka, Ben Medler, and Jichen Zhu

10:30-11:30am, Coffee Break & Poster Session #1—Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room

Supporting the Digital Humanities: putting the jigsaw together
Martin Wynne, Steven Krauwer, Sheila Anderson, Chad Kainz, Neil Fraistat

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Katherine Walter
An Exercise in Non-Ideal Authorship Attribution
David L. Hoover

Cosine Distance Nearest-Neighbor Classification for Authorship Attribution
John Noecker Jr., Patrick Juola

Translation and Delta Revisited: When We Read Translations, Is It the Author or the Translator that We Really Read?
Jan Rybicki

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Dot Porter

Towards an Interpretation Support System for Reading Ancient Documents
Henriette Roued Olsen, Segolene Tarte, Melissa Terras, Michael Brady, Alan Bowman

Image as Markup: Adding Semantics to Manuscript Images
Hugh Cayless

Computer-Aided Palaeography, Present and Future
Peter A. Stokes

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Elli Mylonas
The Electronic Broadway Project
Doug Reside

An Approach to Treating Videos as Academic Documents
Stewart Arneil, Greg Newton

“Going to the Show”: Spatial and Temporal History of Moviegoing in North Carolina
Robert C. Allen, Natasha Smith, Elise Moore, Kevin Eckhardt

12:30-2:00, LUNCH—Stamp Student Union or College Park local eateries
***ALLC Annual General Meeting, Benjamin Banneker Room

Charles Carroll Room

Use Cases Driving the Tool Development in the MONK project
Catherine Plaisant, Tanya Clement, Romain Vuillemot, Sara Steger, Kirsten Carol Uszkalo

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Patrick Juola

Patterns in Style Evolution of Poets
Vadim Sergeevich Andreev

Chasing the Ghosts of Ibsen: A computational stylistic analysis of drama in translation
Gerard Paul Lynch, Carl Vogel

Medieval scribes in parts of speech
Karina van Dalen-Oskam

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Paul Caton
Creating a Composite Cultural Heritage Artifact - the Digital Object
Fenella G. France, Eric F. Hansen, Michael B. Toth

On-site Scanning of 3D Manuscripts
Timothy H. Brom, James Griffioen, W. Brent Seales

The Ghost in the Manuscript: Hyperspectral Text Recovery and Segmentation
Patrick Shiel, John G. Keating, Malte Rehbein,

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Elisabeth Burr
Integrating Images and Text with Common Data and Metadata Standards in the Archimedes Palimpsest
Doug Emery, Michael B. Toth

Language and Image: T3 = Text, Tags, and Trust
Judith L. Klavans, Susan Chun, Jennifer Golbeck, Carolyn Sheffield, Dagobert Soergel, Robert Stein

Mining texts for image terms: the CLiMB project
Judith Klavans, Eileen Abels, Jimmy Lin, Rebecca Passonneau, Carolyn Sheffield, Dagobert Soergel

3:30-4:00, Coffee Break & Poster Session #2—Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room

Blogger Grrrls: Feminist Practices, New Media, and Knowledge Production
Martha Nell Smith, Carolyn Guertin, Katie King, Marilee Lindemann, Ellen Moody

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: David Hoover
A framework for multilayered boundary detection: initial results from the Clementine Vulgate
Thomas Lippincott

Babylon: Displacement and Re-creation of Calderon’s Life is a Dream
Elizabeth Sofia Lagresa

Gobineau and Tocqueville: The Curious Case of the Medical Metaphor in Corpus Stylistics
Joel Goldfield

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Brett Barney
Dissent and Collaboration
Julia Flanders

The Apex of Hipster XML GeekDOM: TEI-Encoded Dylan”[1]: Understanding and Reaching a Community of Practice (A Case Study)
Analysis: Lynne Siemens, Ray Siemens; Widget and other: Hefeng (Eddie) Wen, Dot Porter, Liam Sherriff, Cara Leitch, Karin Armstrong

No Job for Techies: Collaborative Modelling as an intellectual activity of the analyst and scholar in the development of formal representations of scholarly materials.
John Bradley

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Michael Eberle-Sinatra
The Hybrid Future of the University Press
Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Platform Models for Scholarly Journal Publishing: A Survey and Case Study
Sarah Toton

Googling Google Books: Integrated use of Fragmentary Information Display in Google Book Preview of Electronic Books
Kirsten Carol Uszkalo, Teresa Dobson, Stan Ruecker

Plenary Talk by Christine Borgman, Hoff Auditorium

Reception, Atrium

Wednesday, June 24th

7:00am-4:00pm, Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room

Critical Code and Software Studies
Mark Christopher Marino, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Jeremy Douglass, Elizabeth Losh, Stephanie August

Margaret Brent Room
Natasha Smith
Toward Automated Stylistic Transformation of Natural Language Text
Khosmood, Foaad

The Limit of Representation
Elena Pierazzo

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: John Lavagnino
Digital Curiosities: Resource Creation Via Amateur Digitisation
Melissa Terras

Digital Lives: how people create, manipulate and store their personal digital archives
Peter Williams, Ian Rowlands, Jeremy John

BiblioMS: A Collaborative, Large-Scale Bibliography Management System
Neal Audenaert, Richard Furuta

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Paul Spence
In the Header, but Where?
Syd Bauman, Dot Porter

A Tool Suite for Automated TEI Encoding
Laura C Mandell, Holly L. Connor, Gerald C Gannod

Modernist Magazines Project
Federico Meschini

10:30-11:00, Coffee Break & Poster Session #3—Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room

The Digital Humanities Observatory: Building a National Collaboratory
Susan Schreibman, Dorothy Carr Porter, Shawn Day, Jennifer Edmund, Don Gourley

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Jan Rybicki
Modes of Composition in Henry James: Dictation, Style, and What Maisie Knew
David L. Hoover

Patrick Kavanagh’s Poetic Wordscapes: GIS, Literature and Ireland, 1922-1949
Charles Bartlett Travis

More about gentleman in Dickens
Tomoji Tabata

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Claire Warwick
Audio-visual Rhetoric and its Methods of Visualization
Gesche Joost, Tom Bieling, Sandra Buckmüller

Accessibility, Usability, and the New Face of NINES
Laura Mandell, Dana Wheeles, Nick Laiacona

Interactive Exploration of Versions across Multiple Documents
Chang-Han Jong, Prahalad Rajkumar, Behjat Siddiquie, Tanya Clement, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Dino Buzzetti
MAPS: Manuscript map Annotation and Presentation System
Charles van den Heuvel

Manuscript Annotation in Space and Time
Erica Fretwell

The Atlas of Early Printing: Digital History and Book History
Gregory J. Prickman

12:30-2:00, LUNCH—Stamp Student Union food court or local College Park eateries
***ACH Annual General Meeting, Benjamin Banneker Room

Charles Carroll Room

Digital Editions, past and future
Fotis Jannidis, John Lavagnino, Susan Schreibman

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Tomoji Tabata
The 385+ Million Word Corpus of Contemporary American English (1990-present): A new tool for examining language variation and change
Mark Davies

The « Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes » (Virtual Humanistic Libraries ) in Tours: a Collection, or a Corpus?
Marie Luce Demonet

The LANCHART Search Engine – Making important progress in data and data archiving reuse
Michael Barner-Rasmussen

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Arianna Ciula
Ubiquitous Text Analysis
Geoffrey Rockwell, Stan Ruecker, Peter Organisciak, Stéfan Sinclair

T-Rex: A Text Analysis Research Evaluation eXchange
Geoffrey Rockwell, Stéfan Sinclair, J. Stephen Downie

Mashing Texts: Supporting collections level text analysis
Piotr Organisciak, Geoffrey Rockwell, Stan Ruecker, Susan Brown, Stéfan Sinclair

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Melissa Terras
Collective Culture and Visualization of Spatiotemporal Information
Shinya Saito, Shin Ohno, Mitsuyuki Inaba

Visualization and Landscape in the Digital Humanities
John Melson

WikiPhiloSofia: Extraction and Visualization of Facts, Relations, and Networks Concerning Philosophers Using Wikipedia
Sofia J. Athenikos

3:30-4:00, Coffee Break & Poster Session #4—Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room

New World Ordering
Bethany Nowviskie, Joseph F. Gilbert, Kelly Johnston, Christopher Gist, Adam Soroka

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Matthew Jockers
Corpus Analysis and Literary History
Matthew Wilkens

Predicting new words from newer words: Lexical borrowings in French
Paula Horwath Chesley, R. Harald Baayen

Our Americas Archives Partnership: Charting New Cultural Geographies
Lisa Spiro

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Stéfan Sinclair
Embedded Text Analysis
Brian L. Pytlik Zillig

Should an electronic edition walk, swim or shake its tailfeathers?
Federico Meschini

Africa Map Release I Beta: An Infrastructure for Collaboration
Suzanne Blier, Peter Bol, Benjamin G. Lewis

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: John Unsworth
Design as a Hermeneutic Process
Stan Ruecker, Alan Galey

What is transcription? (part 2)
Michael Sperberg-McQueen, Claus Huitfeldt, Yves Marcoux

Burying Dead Projects: Depositing the Globalization Compendium
Geoffrey Rockwell, Shawn Day

Banquet at Buddy’s Crabs and Ribs in Annapolis, MD

Thursday, June 25th
Charles Carroll Room

For a Dynamic Model of Textual Variation: What Do We Need?
Dino Buzzetti, Malte Rehbein, Alida Isolani et al.

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Jan Christoph Meister
Conjecture Generation in the Digital Humanities
Patrick Juola, Ashley Bernola

Co-word Analysis of Research Topics in Digital Humanities
Xiaoguang Wang, Mitsuyuki Inaba

Lost in Transcription: Types, Tokens, and Modality in Document Representation
Paul Caton

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Bethany Nowviskie
Library as Agent of [Re]Contextualization
Vika Zafrin, Jack Ammerman, Garth Green

Library Collaboration with Large Digital Humanities Projects
William A Kretzschmar, Jr., William G. Potter

Supporting the Creation of Academic Bibliographies by Communities through Social Collaboration
Hamed Alhoori, Omar Álvarez, Miguel Muñiz, Richard Furuta, Eduardo Urbina

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Chair: Richard Cunningham
Laying the conceptual foundations for data integration in the humanities
Michele Pasin, Arianna Ciula

Modeling the Lexicon with Ontologies
Kip Canfield

Co-reference: A New Method to Solve Old Problems
Øyvind Eide

10:30-11:00, Coffee Break & Poster Session #5—Colony Ballroom

Charles Carroll Room

Digital Classicist: Re-use of Open Source and Open Access Publications in Ancient Studies
Gabriel Bodard, C. W. Blackwell, Tobias Blanke, Tom Elliott, Sean Gillies, Mark Hedges, D. N. Smith

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Lisa-Lena Opas Hänninen
The Shakespeare Quartos Archive and TEI-P5
Doug Reside

LORE: A Compound Object Authoring and Publishing Tool for Literary Scholars
Anna Gerber, Jane Hunter

On Building a Full-Text Digital Library of Land Deeds of Taiwan
Jieh Hsiang, Szu-Pei Chen, Hsieh-Chang Tu

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: John Walsh
Delivering a Humanities Computing Module at Undergraduate Level: A Case Study
John Gerard Keating, Aja Teehan, Thomas Byrne

Digital History Across the Curriculum
Amanda French, Peter J. Wosh

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Panel Chair: Julia Flanders
Complementary critical traditions and Elizabeth Cary’s Tragedy of Mariam
Louisa Connors

“Terminal Hopscotch”: Navigating Networked Space in Talan Memmott’s Lexia to Perplexia
Elizabeth Anne Swanstrom

Cultural Capital in the Digital Era: Mapping the Success of Thomas Pynchon
Ed Finn

12:30-2:00, LUNCH—Stamp Student Union food court or local College Park Eateries
centerNet Meeting and Google Books Presentation, Charles Carroll Room

Charles Carroll Room

History and Future of the Book
“The History and Future of the Book”
Christian Vandendorpe

“Expanding Text: D. F. McKenzie’s ‘text’ and New Knowledge Environments”
Richard Cunningham

“NewRadial: Revisualizing the Blake Archive”
Jon Saklofske

Margaret Brent Room
Chair: Susan Schreibman
Literature, “The Literary,” and the Dataworld
Stuart Moulthrop

The Social Text as Digital Gamespace: or, what I learned from playing Spore
Steven Edward Jones

Digital and Virtual Architecture: a review of two projects
Nicoletta Adamo-Villani

Benjamin Banneker Room
Chair: Øyvind Eide
IHS - Text Mining Historical Sources using Factoids
Sharon Webb, John G. Keating

Sentiment Analysis of Fictional Characters Based on Entity Profiles
Rohini Srihari, Laurie Crist, Harish Srinivasan

“The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hermeneutic Network: Toward an Approach to Analysis and Design of Intentional Systems”
Jichen Zhu, D. Fox Harrell

Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
Choreographing the Data: performing the ARTeFACT project TAKE 2
Susan L. Wiesner, Jama S. Coartney, Rommie L. Stalnaker

Charles Carroll Room

Funding the Digital Humanities
Moderator: Neil Fraistat, Director, MITH, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities

Brett Bobley, Chief Information Officer and Director, National Endowment for the Humanities

Helen Cullyer, Associate Program Officer, Scholarly Communications Program, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Rachel Frick, Senior Program Officer, National Leadership Grants, Office of Library Services, Institute of Museum and Library Services

Murielle Gagnon, Director, Strategic Programs and Joint Initiatives, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Stephen M. Griffin, Program Director, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS), National Science Foundation

Dr. Christoph Kümmel, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), -Wissenschaftliche Literaturversorgungs- und Informationssysteme-

Professor Shearer West, Director of Research, Arts and Humanities Research Council

Colony Ballroom
Session #1, 10:30-11:30am, Tuesday, June 23rd
SEASR Integrates with Zoetero to Provide Analytical Environment for Mashing up Other Analytical Tools
Boris Capitanu, Xavier Llorà, Loretta Auvil, Michael Welge, and Bernie Ács

Automatic Standardization of Spelling for Historical Text Mining
Alistair Baron, Paul Rayson, Dawn Archer

Generalizing the International Children’s Digital Library
Benjamin B. Bederson, Patrick Rutledge, Alex Quinn

Snake’s Nest: Untangling the Relationships between Classic Maya States
Alex Bennett

Clustering the Short Stories of Edgar Allen Poe Using Words Groups and Formal Concept Analysis
Roger Bilisoly

“Song(s) of Myself”: Flexing Leaves of Grass
Olin Bjork, Scott Herrick

Can Pliny be one of the muses? How Pliny could support scholarly writing
John Bradley

The Harvester of Iconclass Metadata: a web service for subject classification and subject retrieval in cultural heritage information
Hans Brandhorst, Etienne Posthumus

Modeling the Prosopography of the Royal Portuguese Court in Sixteenth Century
Andreia Carvalho

Inventing the Future of AI for Games: Lessons from EMPath
Sherol Chen

Session #2, 3:30-4:00pm, Tuesday June 23rd
Implementing Greek Morphology
Helma Dik, Richard Whaling

Synergies: An Overview and Progress Report
Michael Eberle-Sinatra

Fostering Cultural Literacies through Digital Scholarship: The Yaddo Archive Project and Yaddocast as Multimodal Humanities Projects
Richard Lawrence Edwards (1), Micki McGee (2)

Visualizing Archival Collections with ArchivesZ
Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Jennifer Goldbeck

A Historical GIS Analysis of the Landscape Compositions: A Case Study of Folding Screens “Rakuchu-Rakugai-zu”
Akihiro Tsukamoto

I Am A Black Scholar: A Digital Repository of Scholarship from the Black Diaspora
Leshell Hatley

Digital Editions for Corpus Linguistics: Encoding Abbreviations in TEI XML Mark-up
Alpo Honkapohja

The Prioress and the Jew: Mining the Symbolic System through Lexical Genre Analysis of Modernizations
Nathan Kelber

An Approach to Information Access and Knowledge Discovery from Historical Documents
Fuminori Kimura, Akira Maeda

Les Techniques Informatiques au Service des Connaissances Musicales de la Renaissance
Florence Le Priol (1), Cristina Diego Pacheco (2), Louis Jambou (3)

Session #3, 10:30-11:00am, Wednesday, June 24th
Fine Rolls in Print and on the Web: Progress on a Reader Study
Arianna Ciula, Tamara Lopez, and Faye Thompson

Access versus Ownership: Navigating the Tension between Mass Digitization of Archival Materials
Maggie Dickson, Amy Johnson, Natasha Smith, Lynn Holdzkom

Active Animation: An Approach to Interactive and Generative Animation for User-Interface Design and Expression
Kenny K. N. Chow, D. Fox Harrell

Forging the Future: New Tools for Variable Media Art Preservation
Marilyn R. Lutz, John Ippolito, Richard Rinehart, Sharon Quinn Fitzgerald

JGAAP 4.0—A Revised Authorship Attribution Tool
Patrick Juola, John Noecker, Jr., Mike Ryan, and Sandy Speer

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and…Authorship Attribution?
John Noecker Jr., Mike Ryan, Patrick Juola, Amanda Sgroi, Stacey Levine, Benjamin Wells

Authorship Attribution, The Large and Samll Effect Sizes of Divergence as Classification
Michael Ryan, Patrick Juola

Markup Schemes for Manga and Digital Reformatting Systems
Kazushi Ohya

Text and Pictures in Source Material

Takaaki Okamoto

Session #4, 3:30-4:00pm, Wednesday, June 24th
Text-Image Linking Environment (TILE)
Doug Reside, Dorothy Carr Porter, John Walsh

Ask Not What Your Text Can do For You. As What You Can Do For Your Text (a Dictionary’s Perspective)
Carlos Monroy, Richard Furuta, Filipe Castro

ArchInSite: Augmented (Reality) Architecture
Nick Ault, Zac Porter, Eric Sauda

An Image Based Document Reader with Editing Functions for Education and Research on Digital Humanities
Hiroyuki Sekiguchi

New Digital Tools at the William Blake Archive
William Stewart Shaw

Digital Tools from the Center for History and New Media
Dan Cohen, Tom Scheinfeldt, Dave Lester, Jeremy Boggs

TADA Research Evaluation Exchange: Winning 2008 Submissions
Stéfan Sinclair, Dave Beavan, Susan Brown, Stephen Downie, Carlos Fiorentino, Patrick Juola, Peter Organisciak, Geoffrey Rockwell, Susan Schreibman, Kirsten Uszkalo

Bringing Southern Oral Stories Online
Natasha Smith, Joshua Berkov, Cliff Dyer, Hugh Cayless

Session #5, 10:30-11:00am, Thursday, June 25th
Graceful Degradation: Managing Projects in Times of Transition and Decline
Bethany Nowviskie, Dot Porter

A Geography of Impertinence: Using Historical Maps to Explore a Spanish Treatise on Piracy
Clayton McCarl

Capturing the Social Networks of the Gospels
Maki Miyake

Aspects of the Interoperability in the Digital Humanities
Kiyonori Nagasaki, A. Charles Muller, Masahiro Shimoda

The Soweto ’76 Archive: Virtual Heritage, Human Rights & Justice in the New South Africa
Angel David Nieves

Towards an Online Edition of the Slovenian Biographical Lexicon
Petra Vide Ogrin, Tomaž Erjavec

From the Local to the Global Sphere: Prospects of Digital Humanities for Japanese Arts and Cultures
Keiji Yano, Ryo Akama, Kozaburo Hachimura, Hiromi Tanaka, Mitsuyuki Inaba

Restoring 3D Digital Woodcut Shape for Reproducing Ancient Book
Xin Yin, Ryo Akama, Hiromi T. Tanaka, Kazuaki Nagai

Modulating Style (and Expectations): An Experiment with Narrative Voice in Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury
Caitlin Crandell, Emily Gong, Rachel Kraus, Tiffany Lieu, Jacob Mason-Marshall