Poster Guidelines

Posters and demonstrations will be presented in the Colony Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union during the coffee breaks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the conference. The following are guidelines to help presenters prepare. Please contact with any questions.

1. Posters can be a maximum of 4′ x 4′ (approximately 1.2 x 1.2 meters). Each poster will share a side of a board (with one other poster) placed over a 3′x6′ table, so each poster will have a 1.5′ wide x 3′ long table surface underneath it. There will not be any dividers between boards. Around these tables, each poster will have about a 4′x3′ space.
2. DH09 will provide easels and thumbtacks to display the posters.
3. Presenters will have wireless internet access in the Colony Ballroom, and they will be able to plug in their laptops. (Presenters may want to bring extra extension cords.) User ids and passwords will be handed out upon request at the registration desk.
4. Presenters can print out handouts in McKeldin Library, just across the road from the Union. The Union’s bookstore sells poster board and arts supplies, and there is also a Kinko’s copy shop within walking distance from campus where participants can print out posters and handouts.