Black people have no place in the coming…

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Black people have no place in the coming…


Black people have no place in the coming 2016 presidential election because
we have had our Chance and we never profited out of it. We had a moment to
present economic or social advancement plans to president Obama, yet we
refused and let anti- blacks trick us into thinking that was not elected to
benefit just black people alone. President Obama was elected for a reason.
He was the stepping stone for blacks to rise but it was blown away. Now, it is
the time of White America to rebuild and advance and make their race great.
The war for power between blacks and whites is very real, but the black
community has forgotten. Consequently, the power of black is fading day by
day because those in position are descending from the ladder every day. In
no time, “White Power” will be stronger than before.

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