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This series is an exploration into the origin and development of cultures, customs and folkways in various parts of the world.
Aranda (Australian people)--Religion; Aranda (Australian people)--Rites and ceremonies; Art; Art & Architecture; Art and anthropology; Authority; Children & Families; Collective behavior; Cultural awareness; Culture conflict; Dialectology; Ethics; Faith; Family life; Family life--Greece; Folklore; Greece--Social life and customs; Hopi Indians--Folklore; Hopi Indians--Social life and customs; Human behavior--Psychological aspects; Indian ethics; Indians of North America; Indians of North America--Drama; Indians of North America--Education; Iroquois mythology; Language and languages; Languages, Modern--Inflection; Linguistic geography; Literature; Native American History; Psychology & Mental Health; Religion; Social groups; Social systems; Societies; Sociology; Speech and Language; U.S. Literature; Values--Greece; Values--History; Yurok Indians--Social life and customs; Yurok mythology
Allan, Andrew, 1907-1974; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Goldschmidt, Walter, 1913-2010; National Association of Educational Broadcasters; Sinclair, Lister
Agostini, Lucio, 1913-; Fund for Adult Education (U.S.); Goldschmidt, Walter, 1913-2010; Hoyer, Harry
Docudrama; Drama; Educational; Talk
Time Periods
1950-1959; 1960-1969