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The story of the Dead Sea Scrolls, featuring interviews with 30 leading scholars, scientists, archeologists and theologians.

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1957-01-01Teacher of righteousness?00:29:19
1957-01-01The incredible discovery00:29:07
1957-01-01The treasure trove00:29:06
1957-01-01The flood of light00:27:52
1957-01-01Parallels and contrasts00:28:54
1957-01-01The battle of the dating00:28:56
1957-01-01The crucial issue00:28:52
1957-01-01Sarah was exceedingly fair00:27:09
1957-01-01The fabulous library00:27:25
Archaeological assemblages; Copper scroll; Dead Sea scrolls; Forgery of antiquities; Forgery of manuscripts; Hidden treasures; Old Testament scholars; Rabbinical literature; Radiocarbon dating; Religion; Sarah (Biblical matriarch)
Mansoor, Menahem; Schmidt, Karl; University of Wisconsin; WHA (Radio station : Madison, Wis.)
Albright, William Foxwell, 1891-1971; Allegro, John Marco, 1923-; Birnbaum, Salomo A., 1891-; Brightson, Jeffrey; Brownlee, William Hugh; Burrows, Millar, 1889-1980; Cross, Frank Moore; Daugherty, John; Driver, Godfrey Rolles, 1892-1975; Dupont-Sommer, Andre_; Fischel, Walter Joseph, 1902-1973; Harding, G. Lankester (Gerald Lankester), 1901-; Hyatt, J. Philip (James Philip), 1909-1972; Licht, Jacob; Mansoor, Menahem; Orlinsky, Harry M., 1908-1992; Pfeiffer, Robert H. (Robert Henry), 1892-1958; Reed, William; Reid, William; Rowley, H. H. (Harold Henry), 1890-1969; Saad, Joseph; Schmidt, Karl; Shapira, Mozes V_ilhelm, 1830?-1884; Strugnell, John, 1930-2007; Trevor, John C.; Voegeli, Don; Vogt, Ernst, 1903-1984; Yadin, Yigael, 1917-1984; Zeitlin, Solomon, 1886-1976
History; Interview
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