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A series of documentaries, interviews and talks based upon documented evidence and expert knowledge about the power and intentions of the Soviet Union.

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1953-04-05Communism in India00:29:44
1953-01-01National self-determination00:31:09
1953-01-01Communism in Japan00:29:35
1953-01-01Aims, strengths, weakness00:29:53
1953-01-01Through the Iron Curtain00:28:50
1953-01-01Communism in China00:31:00
1952-12-21Drama to order, part one00:31:50
1952-12-21Music to order, part two00:30:57
1952-12-21Drama to order, part two00:31:29
1952-12-21Music to order, part one00:30:52
1952-12-21Music to order, part two00:30:57
Allegiance; Authors--Soviet Union; Bakunin, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, 1814-1876; Censorship--Soviet Union--History--20th century; China--History--20th century; China--History--Civil War, 1945-1949; China--Relations--Soviet Union; Communism; Communism--Asia; Communism--China; Communism--India--History--20th century; Communism--Japan; Communism--Soviet Union; Communist countries--Social conditions; Communist self-criticism; Composition (Music); Diplomacy--History--20th century; Diplomats--Soviet Union--History--20th century; Drama--Soviet Union--History and criticism; Dramatists--Soviet Union; Europe; Foreign Literature; India--Relations--China; India--Relations--Soviet Union; Japan--History--20th century; Japan--Relations--China; Japan--Relations--Soviet Union; Letters to the editor--Soviet Union; Medicine & Health Care; MiG (Fighter planes); Mikoyan MFI (Jet fighter plane); Music; Music--20th century; Persecution--Soviet Union; Physicians; Prisoners of war--Soviet Union--History; Propaganda--Soviet Union; Public opinion--Soviet Union--History--20th century; Radio Free Europe; Russia--History--1801-1917; Self-determination, National; Soldiers; Sovereignty--History--20th century; Soviet Union; Soviet Union--History--1925-1953; Soviet Union--History--Revolution, 1917-1921; Soviet Union--Military policy; Soviet Union--Military relations--United States; Soviet Union--Relations--United States; Soviet literature--20th century--History and criticism; Soviet literature--Censorship; Soviet literature--Political aspects; Soviets (People); The Asia-Pacific; Theater & Drama; U.S. Literature; U.S. Politics; Voice of America (Organization); World Politics
British Broadcasting Corporation; Driscoll, David; Esslin, Martin, 1918-2002; Geiger, Milton; Inkeles, Alex, 1920-; National Association of Educational Broadcasters; Papp, Frank, 1909-1996; Scourby, Alexander, 1913-1985; Simmons, Ernest J. (Ernest Joseph), 1903-1972; Solinski, Vladimir; Tangley, Ralph; Tangney, Ralph; Wheatley, Parker, 1906-1999
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