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A series of documentaries on the gathering, writing and dissemination of news in this country today, compiled from interviews with journalists. Guests in this series include H.V. Kaltenborn, Roy Larsen, John Daly, Douglass Cater, Drew Pearson, Quincy Howe, Mike Wallace, Norman Cousins, David Brinkley, James Hagerty, Howard K. Smith, Marquis Childs, Merriman Smith, Gilbert Seldes, Fulton Lewis, Jr., Sig Mickelson, H.R. Baukhage, Roscoe Drummond, and many others.

Available Episodes

1959-01-26Program #1: Foreign Corres.00:29:55
1959-01-01News media compete, #400:29:39
1959-01-01President and the press, #200:28:52
1959-01-01The community press00:29:00
1959-01-01The broadcast interview00:28:33
1959-01-01News media compete, #300:29:22
1959-01-01Sponsors and advertisers00:28:52
1959-01-01The wire services00:29:00
1959-01-01Role of the Press Secretary00:29:25
1959-01-01Freedom of information00:29:32
1959-01-01The Washington complex00:29:28
1959-01-01The foreign correspondent00:29:42
1959-01-01The Washington reporter00:29:28
1959-01-01News media compete, #200:29:10
1959-01-01Education in journalism00:29:09
1959-01-01The newsman of the future00:29:28
1959-01-01Behind the Iron Curtain00:29:46
1959-01-01Objective reporting00:29:10
1959-01-01The news magazine00:29:43
1959-01-01The United Nations reporter00:29:10
1959-01-01President and the press, #100:29:00
1959-01-01The syndicated columnist00:28:08
1959-01-01News media compete, #100:29:06
1959-01-01Is the public apathetic?00:29:25
Journalism--United States; Journalists; News & Journalism
Burrows, E. G. (Edwin Gladding), 1917-; National Association of Educational Broadcasters; Phillips, Glen; University of Michigan
Akers, Milburn P. ; Algren, Frank; Ashmore, Harry S.; Barton, Robert; Baukhage, Hilmar R. (Hilmar Robert), 1889-; Cater, Douglass, 1923-1995; Drummond, Roscoe, 1902-1983; Ethridge, Mark F. (Mark Foster), 1896-1981; Fisher, Morris; Howe, Quincy, 1900-; Jones, Larry; Kaltenborn, H. v. (Hans), 1878-1965; Lamoe, Wallace; MacDonald, Kenneth, 1905-; Mickelson, Sig; Rowan, Carl T. (Carl Thomas), 1925-2000; Seldes, Gilbert, 1893-1970; Sevareid, Eric, 1912-1992; Smith, A. Merriman, 1913-1970; Smith, Howard K. (Howard Kingsbury), 1914-2002; Steven, Willliam P.
Educational; Interview; News
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