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A radio series on the gathering, writing, and dissemination of news. Compiled from interviews with men and women who make news their business.

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Journalism--United States; Journalists; News & Journalism; News agencies; Sexism; United Nations; Women; Women's History; World Politics
Burrows, E. G. (Edwin Gladding), 1917-; Jones, Larry; National Association of Educational Broadcasters; Phillips, Glenn; University of Michigan
Daly, John Charles, 1914-1991; Fleeson, Doris, 1901-1970; Fredericks, Pauline; Huss, Pierre J. (Pierre John), 1903-; Johnson, Edith; Leeds, Patricia; Mickelson, Sig; Porter, Sylvia Field, 1913-; Stowe, Leland, 1899-
Interview; News