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This 15-part series discusses the feasibility of atomic power as an alternate energy source to replace depleted fossil fuels.

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1957-05-17What the future will bring00:29:15
1957-05-10International atom: England00:29:22
1957-05-03International atom - Canada00:29:24
1957-04-26International atom - France00:29:32
1957-04-19Safety and health00:29:22
1957-04-12Atomic propulsion00:28:38
1957-04-05Sodium graphite reactor00:29:15
1957-03-29Pressurized water reactor00:29:07
1957-03-22Oak Ridge experiment00:29:16
1957-03-15Argonne National Laboratory00:29:36
1957-03-08The first pile00:28:55
1957-03-01The economic atom00:28:56
1957-02-22From ore to atom00:28:59
1957-02-15The romance of uranium00:29:30
1957-02-08The power picture00:29:05
Ecology & the Environment; Fossil fuels; Nuclear energy; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Renewable energy sources
McMahon, Bob; Purdue University; WBAA (Radio station : West Lafayette, Ind.)
Advisor; Ailleret, P.; Bhabha, Homi Jehangir, 1909-1966; Cockcroft, John, Sir, 1897-1967; DeHuff, P.G.; Dean, Gordon E., 1905-1958; Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969; Engel, J.C.; Floria, Dick; Gray, James Lorne; Hinton of Bankside, Christopher Hinton, Baron, 1901-1963; Keys, David A.; Koch, Leonard J.; Lange, A.H.; Mawson, C.A.; Moore, Richard; Parkins, W.E.; Perrin, Francis; Richter, Walt; Robbins, Charles; Siegel, Sidney; Starr, Chauncey; Stead, Frank W. (Frank Walter), 1912-1981; Strauss, Lewis; Strauss, Lewis L.; Tandam, Donald J.; Townshend, Oliver; Weinberg, Alvin Martin, 1915-2006; West, John M.; Whittle, G. Hoyt; Yvon, J.; Zinn, Walter H. (Walter Henry), 1906-2000
Educational; Science
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