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*Additional List of Conference Announcements
* 27th Annual Southeastern Women’s Studies’ Association Conference: Call for Papers (03/28/04)
* 29th Annual Caribbean Studies Association Conference Call for Papers (12/16/03)
*ARM Conference on Mothering and Feminism (03/02/04)
*Asian Journal of Women's Studies (no deadline)
*Brave New Classrooms: Educational Democracy and the Internet (no deadline)
*Central Europe Review call for Contributions
*Feminist Critical Analysis: Boundaries, Borders and Borderlands (expires 01/02/04)
*Gender and Science Digital Library project (GSDL) (no expiration)
*Gender & Southeast Asia Conference Call for Papers (expires 04/01/04)
*International Feminist Journal of Politics: Ideologies, Religions and Conflict: International Feminist Perspectives (03/31/04)
*Knowledge-Based Economy in Central and East European Countries: Exploring the New Policy and Research Agenda, London
*Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism - A Journal(No expiration)
*Mid-Atlantic Women's Studies Association Annual Conference(02/21/04)
*Moondance International Film Festival: Call for Submissions(04/01/04)
*Journal of Poverty -- Call For Papers (No expiration)
*Quiet Mountain: New Feminist Essays (No expiration)
*Religion and the Culture of Print in America (09/12/04)
*Riot! Magazine Sumbissions (No expiration)
*Sixth Annual Conference on Illinois History (expires 11/30/04)
*Social Economics: A Paradigm for a Global Society Eleventh World Congress of Social Economics
Albertville, France June 8-11, 2004
* Transnational Analyses of Gender, Sexuality, and State/Nation (expires 02/01/04)

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