Intergenerational Films

Short films that can be watched and enjoyed by young people and adults, separately or together, and can serve as a springboard for conversation about human issues.

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Journeys Close to Home
Color, 20 min.
Teens and Adults

The viewer journeys with a young woman through the natural and emotional landscape of loss after the sudden death of her father. Cinematography: Morten Bruus. Poetry: Gerard Manley Hopkins. Written, directed, edited by Jo Francis.

Falcon Love Story
Color, 2 min.
Ages 3-Adult

The course of true love does not run smoothly when a jealous suitor tries to divide the world into "us" and "them." An amusing story of love and common sense triumphing over prejudice. Narrated by Ian Brown-Gorrell. Written, directed, and edited by Jo Francis. Cinematography: Morten Bruus.


Color, 4 min.
Ages 2-5

A startled cat, cows in the road, galloping horses, and a baby lamb are some of the creatures encountered in this short film. Imaginative commentary and questions encourage young children to recognize and express their knowledge about animals. Cinematography: Morten Bruus. Written, directed, narrated & edited by Jo Francis.

Zoo Stories
Color, 7 min.
Ages 2-Adult

A variety of animals relate to one another in a variety of ways on a sunny day. There is lots of affection and some conflicts which may or may not be resolved, as in the world of humans. Sound, no narration. Photographed and edited by Jo Francis.

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