Flare Productions:

John Füegi & Jo Francis

Füegi/Francis & Flare have co-produced, co-scripted, and co-directed prize-winning documentaries: with Nordisk Film Red Ruth: That Deadly Longing; Red Ruth won the 1993 Danish Television Oscar and the Silver Diploma of the Prix Futura in Berlin), German version with WDR; with Casablanca and TV2 Denmark: The War Within: A Portrait of Virginia Woolf (won the Distinguished Feature Award of International Documentary Network and the Golden Apple of National Educational Media Network and was a featured Jours de femmes program of Arte), Danish version I malstrømmen; with Casablanca and TV2 Denmark In the Symphony of the World: A Portrait of Hildegard von Bingen (Silver Documentary Awards at Philadelphia and Houston Film Festivals 1999), Danish version At danse med engle; To Dream Tomorrow about computer pioneer Ada Lovelace; and they are currently working on a documentary about artist and naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian.

John Füegi as producteur délégué also worked in 1988/9 with Mitchell Lifton, & Jean-Pierre Cottet on the Beckett Directs Beckett series produced with PBS, WGBH, FR3, La SEPT, Société Française de Production, Centre National de la Cinématographie, & Radiotelevisio Portuguesa-EP (Waiting for Godot won a American Film & Video Festival Blue Ribbon).

In addition to co-directing Flare's Women of Power© films, Jo Francis also directs Flare's Intergenerational projects. Among the intergenerational videos she has directed, edited and produced are Falcon Love Story , a humorous tale about overcoming obstacles, and Journeys Close to Home, a film about grieving a significant loss.


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