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A series of programs produced by the Community Education Project at San Bernardino Valley College under a grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters.

Available Episodes

1956-01-01On the seventh day00:29:30
1956-01-01Power play00:29:28
1956-01-01The symbols and the search00:29:21
1956-01-01The machine people00:29:16
1956-01-01Power play00:29:28
1956-01-01On the seventh day00:29:30
1956-01-01Ballot box00:29:30
1956-01-01Way station00:29:46
1956-01-01The big shift00:29:04
1955-10-10The symbols and the search00:30:00
1955-10-10Way station00:30:00
1955-10-10People who live on ladders00:30:00