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Series that examines assessments of the American using the themes of innocence, affluence, success and the American self. Features analysis by Dr. Betty Ch'maj, interviews, dramatic readings. Series features interviews with John Dos Passos, James Farmer, Marshall Fishwick, Alan Harrington, Ihab Hassan, Irving Howe, Alfred Kazin, R.W.B. Lewis, and William H. Whyte, Jr.

Available Episodes

1966-03-07Patterns and paradox00:29:28
1966-02-26The aggressive American00:29:10
1966-02-18Quest for self00:29:20
1966-02-15How to know you've made it00:29:07
1966-02-06The happy company men00:29:02
1966-01-31The advent of Babbitts00:28:45
1966-01-17The burdens of plenty00:29:16
1966-01-10The affluent American00:28:48
1965-12-31Immigrants: Again and again00:29:45
1965-12-27The American Adam and evil00:29:06
1965-12-17Moralists and misfits00:28:48
1965-11-24Who are we as Americans?00:29:18
Sociology; Sociology--United States; United States--Study and teaching
Ch'maj, Betty E. M.; WDET (Radio station : Detroit, Mich.); Wayne State University
Angell, Robert Cooley, 1899-1984; Cambon, Glauco; Dos Passos, John, 1896-1970; Farmer, James, 1920-1999; Fishwick, Marshall W. (Marshall William), 1923-2006; Harrington, Alan, 1919-; Hassan, Ihab Habib, 1925-; Holbrook, Hal; Howe, Irving; Kazin, Alfred, 1915-1998; Kelly, Alfred H. (Alfred Hinsey), 1907-1976; Lewis, R. W. B. (Richard Warrington Baldwin); Schuck, Victoria; Sherman, Allan, 1924-1973; Whyte, William Hollingsworth
History; Interview
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