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Twenty half-hour programs designed to further the enjoyment of poetry.

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1959-01-01Women poets00:28:24
1959-01-01Readings of Emily Dickinson00:28:14
1959-01-01Readings of Robert Frost00:29:18
1959-01-01Things of this world00:29:35
1959-01-01Social protest00:28:24
1959-01-01The American vision00:29:14
1959-01-01Senior poets00:29:25
1959-01-01Light verse00:29:26
1959-01-01Readings of e.e. cummings00:28:27
1959-01-01American war poetry00:29:22
1959-01-01Readings of Hart Crane00:28:46
1959-01-01Middle generation poets00:28:54
1959-01-01Readings of T.S. Eliot00:29:02
1959-01-01American love poetry00:29:16
1959-01-01Readings of Wallace Stevens00:28:44
1959-01-01Introductory program00:29:02
1959-01-01Nineteenth century poetry00:29:18
1959-01-01Younger poets00:29:12
Crane, Hart, 1899-1932. Poems; Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886. Poems. Selections; Frost, Robert, 1874-1963. Poems. Selections; Poetry; U.S. Literature
KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.); Ostroff, Anthony, 1923-; Pacifica Radio
Beloof, Robert, 1923-2005; Deering, Richard; Edwards, John; Geiger, Don, 1923-; Horan, Robert, 1922-; Mann, Winifred; Marchi, George; McKinney, Eleanor; Ostroff, Anthony, 1923-; Ostroff, Miriam Virginia
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