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A series of explorations into effective living, combining dramatizations with commentary.
Anger; Bible--Criticism, interpretation, etc; Child mental health; Children & Families; Death--Religious aspects--Christianity; Emotions; Families; Family life; Fear; Grief; Jealousy; Man-woman relationships; Man-woman relationships--Psychological aspects; Mental health; Parenting; Peace; Peacemakers; Possessiveness; Psychiatry; Psychology; Psychology & Mental Health; Spirituality--Christianity
Holtzman, Wayne H.; KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.); Norris, R. C.; Norris, R.C.; Page, Frances Eleanor; Schenkkan, Robert, 1917-2011; Summerfield, Jack D.; Sutherland, Robert L. (Robert Lee); University of Texas
Bowm, Oliver H.; Bowman, Henry; Bown, Oliver H.; Cook, Andy; Davidson, James R.; Green, Hugh; Hill, Alfred H.; Holtzman, Wayne H.; Law, Mouzon; Matheson, Raymond T.; McCoy, John; Menninger, William Claire, 1899-1966; Moore, Bernice; Moore, Bernice Milburn, 1904-; Moore, Harry E.; Moore, Thomas H.; Morris, Jim; Morton, Helen; Morton, Janey; Morton, Janie; Reese, John R.; Rogers, Carl R.; Smith, Blake, 1902-1973; Smith, Cookie; Sutherland, Robert L. (Robert Lee)
Docudrama; Health; Religious
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