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A series of documentaries on industrial change in the U.S.

Available Episodes

1957-01-01Seeking a human community00:29:00
1957-01-01Each according to his skill00:29:20
1957-01-01The American views his life00:28:55
1957-01-01Access to information00:29:29
1957-01-01A place for the family00:29:13
1957-01-01The continuous flow00:29:02
1957-01-01A fascination for leisure00:29:05
1957-01-01With each new advancement00:29:14
1957-01-01Selling the consumer00:28:53
1957-01-01To find more resources00:29:00
1957-01-01The challenge of work00:29:05
1957-01-01In search of stability00:28:45