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Weekly interviews with a Minneapolis-St. Paul area doctor about a current medical issue. Interviews conducted by Audrey June Booth of KUOM (Radio station : Minneapolis, Minn.) .

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1968-12-16Special diets for cancer00:04:40
1968-12-16Crash diets00:04:40
1968-12-16Early symptoms of pregnancy00:04:40
1968-12-16Maintaining weight loss00:04:40
1968-12-16Psychosomatic illnesses00:04:40
1968-12-16Potential suicide patients00:04:40
1968-12-16Emergency room care00:04:40
1968-12-16Why is suicide a paradox?00:04:40
1968-12-16Leg cramps during pregnancy00:04:40
1968-12-16Personal factors in suicide00:04:40
1968-12-16How do we hear?00:04:40
1968-12-16Treating the common cold00:04:40
1968-12-16Congenital heart defects00:04:40
1968-12-16Common cold00:04:40
1968-11-20Doctor tell me #32300:04:35