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Thirteen half-hour programs illustrating with dramatization the changing status of women in America from colonial times to the present day, plus a one-hour panel discussion on modern-day problems.

Available Episodes

1959-01-01Roundtable, part one00:30:05
1959-01-01The yellow wallpaper00:29:34
1959-01-01The womanly woman00:29:10
1959-01-01Lucretia Mott00:28:33
1959-01-01Roundtable, part two00:24:42
1959-01-01A woman speaks00:28:25
1959-01-01Sinful Eve00:29:00
1959-01-01A question of justice00:29:14
1959-01-01Whistlin' girls00:28:45
1959-01-01The suffrage victory00:29:16
1959-01-01The tree of knowledge00:29:20
1959-01-01The revolt of mother00:29:22
Women's History; Women--United States--History
KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.); Maynard, Virginia; Pacifica Radio
Albert, Ethel Evans, 1915-; Cole, Joy; De Ford, Miriam Allen, 1888-1975; Doyle, Margaret; Earle, Eileen; Edwards, Colin; Ernst, Evelyn; Goldsby, Angela; Hill, Lewis; Hoffman, Lynne; Hoffman, Theodore; Levy, Charles; Maenchen, Anna; Matheson, William; Maynard, Virginia; Odegard, Peter H., 1901-1966; Roger, Sidney; Schorer, Mark, 1908-1977; Smith, Edwin
Drama; Educational
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